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Making A Meal Out Of It

Are you bored of cooking and eating the same food week in week out?

Are you feeling uninspired by what’s on your shopping list?

Want some cheap and easy meal inspiration from a pro chef and nutritional advisor?

Then sign up to 'Making a meal of it'!

Sign up to receive free weekly recipes and meal ideas for a month from the talented chef, Katy Oliver, the brains and the beauty behind Minno Kitchen, as well as Nutritional Advisor and Coach, Emily Bull, the powerhouse behind Her Mark. With Katy providing the meal suggestions and Emily giving the nutritional guidance around them, you’ll be all set with some new, tasty and healthy meals that you can cook for yourself, your housemates, your family and friends…. Or just feed them to the dog if that’s what floats your boat.

Half way through the month you'll be invited to share with us a meal you regularly cook for yourself, and together, Emily and Katy will add some variety to it so that you know the nutritional value of what you're eating and have some alternatives to add to it.

At the end of the month, we will resend you all of the suggestions, plus your own jazzed up meal along with the others who've been receiving the meal suggestions. that's a whopping 9 meal suggestions with recipes and nutritional advice on them..... for free!!!

Add sides to your order…..

Feel like you need some live action with Katy from Minno Kitchen to teach you some new tricks in the kitchen? Katy will invite you to some live streaming action where she’ll take inspiration from what’s in the fridge to create new and tasty meals.

Do you need a booster to your health and want to start by looking at your nutrition? You'll have the option to sign up for an initial consultation with Emily where she will ask you about your current habits, get to know what you want to achieve and make initial suggestions.

You can opt in to adding on sides when you sign up for 'Making A Meal Of It'.

Sign up by the 31st May to receive meal idea emails in June.

Sign up by registering your interest via email here.

Meet the team and sisters; Emily from Her Mark., and Katy from Minno Kitchen.

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