Her Mark. create and deliver programmes of events that bring women together to celebrate, connect, share and support. Including exhibitions and live events that support female artists, collaborations, networking and talks. 


Celebrating the marks women make


Celebrating The Marks Women Make is a project led by Her Mark. providing micro-commissions for live art, commissions for digital artists, a coaching programme, and events with workshops, sharing and live music. For female artists to develop their practice through coaching and paid opportunities to make new work. 

As part of the project, Her Mark are making two commissions to women and those who identify as women working with digital formats to create or show their art.

2 x commissions are available for two artists to make new work or expand on existing work over two months with an exhibition of their work in person and online in July. For the full brief can be found here and link to the google form to apply here. Applications are welcome from women aged 20+, artists of colour, those who identify as female, LGBTQI+, and those from intersectional backgrounds. Deadline to apply is 8pm, 16th May.