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Hi, I'm Emily.....



Emily Bull

Nutritional Advisor



I am a life coach, mentor and nutritional advisor, providing individual and group support through my love of food, the arts, community and the great outdoors.


I specialise in supporting and working with females of all ages by providing holistic well-being and encouragement, creating environments to celebrate, recover, and build resilience. I provide space, support and encouragement to identify goals and work towards them, creating a happier and healthier body and mind. 

A bit more about me and my ethos....

I believe in doing things that make you happy and healthy. If an almond croissant is going to start your day right, then who are you to say 'no'. As long as it's just not every day! My ethos is to be kind, celebrate your achievements, don't be so hard on yourself, and fuel your mind, body and soul with things that make you smile.


My greatest loves are food, the arts, the ocean, mountains and my community (including my friends and family). Together, these are the esstentials to my life. That is why, my form of coaching builds a holstic support package including; getting outside and moving during 1-2-1 life coaching sessions, bringing people together to create support networks, active listening and tailor made approaches to identifying goals and overcoming obstacles, opportunities to get creative and build resilience, and all this married with meals and nutritional support to ensure our bodies are healthy.


Oh, and you might see some posts and hear me talking about the biggest loves of my life, the things that make me the happiest - dogs!

Thanks for checking out my blog. If there's anything that you'd like help with, if you want to get involved in what I do and offer, or if you'd like a consultation chat, just drop me a message.



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