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Having a Coach or a Mentor is like having a professional best friend. They have your back and cheer you on from the side as they help you overcome any barriers you might have and achieve what you're wanting to achieve. It might even be that you don't know what it is that you want to achieve, but you know you need to change something in your life to improve and grow. Through our Coaching and Mentoring programmes, we bring women together to support one another and provide guidance. We create holistic and nurturing environments to enable you to achieve and feel held.

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Her Mark. provides both individual and group coaching sessions (Action Learning Sets). 

The programme for individuals is tailored to your needs and starts with identifying goals, barriers and attitudes. Over a period of 3 months or more, 1-2-1 coaching sessions will enable you to navigate your way to achieving your goals.

Group Coaching Sessions, otherwise known as Action Learning Sets, create a welcoming and trustworthy environment for you to work with other women and a coach, meeting every other week for three months, you will grow a supportive network, whilst being coached to achieve your goals.

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The best way to imagine a relationship with a mentor is one of having a professional friend. Through our 1-2-1 mentoring programme, we will match you with a women who can provide you with support and insight, alongside guidance. They will be your cheerleader and provide advice as you discuss situations that are currently affecting you. 

Meeting your mentor monthly, you have the opportunity to discuss life events and circumstances that are happening in your life. Your mentor will provide a different view and literally mentor you through, providing tips and help. 

You can meet in person or online. 

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Her Mark Group Coaching programme

May - September 2024

A 5 month online programme of coaching and mentoring for women working and wanting to work in the creative industries. For established and emerging artists, creatives, administrators and professionals. Whatever your role, whatever your stage of career.

This programme is perfect for those at transitional points in their career or practice, as well as those interested in doing something new and needing some time to consider, plan and make.

Every second Monday evening of the month (starting the 13th May)

£100 for the programme - payable in monthly installments of £20.

Ages 20+


Action Learning Set


"I got so much from the session, I thought you got the balance just right between facilitating us & leading the discussion as well as allowing for some peer support."

Someone who

received coaching

"Really useful, helped me define what my challenge is and start to figure out how to tackle it.."


"Had a really great session with you. Thank you so much. The last few months have been a bit mental with lockdown and starting a new job, but I managed to at last action something from the session. Exhibition in June!! Thanks Emily."

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