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What's in store for 2024

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

As we near to the end of 2023, I'm reflecting on what Her Mark. has achieved this year. It's been the second year of Her Mark. and one that has seen the small group coaching programme flourish, an era of individual coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as the development and growth of our events programme working in partnership with Cardiff MADE on The Female Line events and Community Meet Up sessions. I've spent time listening to our community and seeing what those in it need, what questions they have, and where they feel the most supported and empowered, and am basing our 2024 programme on this and what's worked over the last couple of years.

Her Mark. works with women, and those who identify as women, in the creative sector through programmes, events and coaching. Our mission is to empower, nurture and celebrate female artists and creatives. Our plans for 2024 will see more Group Coaching Programmes for women in the arts to develop their network and work towards achieving their intentions. A continued Individual Coaching and Mentoring services for women looking for personal support and a tailored approached. Even more events and community meet ups, recognising that providing a physical space for those who work alone in the arts, as well as those who want to grow their networks is necessary and uplifting.

As well as all of this, in 2024, I'm looking to run our first summer time retreat for female artists. The retreat will bring together coaching practice, mindfulness and creativity. Taking place in a rural setting, the retreat will create a sense of connectivity to nature and one another. With group dinners and workshops, as well as self guided time to create in response to our surroundings.

The aim is to also provide residency and commission opportunities that nurture collaborative practice between female artists. With those on the programme explore working with others whilst also creating their own work.

Further to all of this, I'm really keen to widen the mentor and coach pool at Her Mark. With the ambition to have more mentors and coaches available including women from diverse cultural backgrounds, ages, trans and non-binary people, so that we can offer a wider range of expertise and backgrounds to those who want to find a mentor or coach. Intergenerational mentoring, and workshops for post graduate female artists wanting to establish their professional practice will also be developed.

In sharing these intentions with you, I would love to hear if you're keen to get involved, egar to join any of the programmes or our community, or become one of our mentors and coaches. If that's you, please drop me an email to saying how you'd like to get involved.

So bring on 2024! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one and I cannot wait to see you at one of our events, programmes, retreats or workshops!



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