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I provide bespoke one-to-one nutritional advice for women based on their personal goals and nutritional needs. Including meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and motivational affirmations. My support takes the stress out of healthy eating, making food choices fun, nutritional and beneficial to you and your needs, helping you reach your goals.



Being a mentor means to be a professional friend, providing advice, identifying goals and offering solutions to help move forward towards them. Led by the mentee, we focus on what's important to you, discussing the topics and situations you want to work through and improve on. Taking place on a walk, in a cafe, over the phone or the comfort of your living room, mentoring gives you clarity, intension and a pathway to progress. 



Coaching allows you to identify your own way forward, working towards personal goals. Unlike mentoring, coaching puts the enthesis on you working out your own needs and abilities to move forward, providing you with space and time to identify how you can best answer your questions and provide your own solutions. As a coach, I create a safe and encouraging environment for you, coaching you over the hurdles you my face, and helping you unpick how best to tackle them. I will coach you through situations in a non-judgemental way helping you to focus and move forward.

Foggy Pier


Working with other practitioners, well-being specialists and local producers, I plan on running retreats for women, offering a space and time to focus on themselves, to build resilience, learn, move forward, rest and recover. With delicious & nutritious food, these retreats will be the ultimate recharge of batteries and help. Retreats will be tailored to specific groups, and will include movement workshops, nutritional advice, coaching, and peer support.

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