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I thought I should start this site off with a blog about me and what this is all about...

My name is Emily, I live in the South West of England with my partner, Matti and dog, Buddy. For the last fourteen years I've worked in the creative and cultural industries, working with communities to provide access to the arts and delivering charitable work. And I love it! If you were to cut me in half, the thing that runs through my core is supporting others to be the best they can be, amplifying voices and creating opportunities for people to come together. For the last eight years I've been mentoring emerging professionals and those facing barriers that they'd like to overcome, and in 2015 I started my journey on becoming a coach.

I believe in people, however corny that sounds. We have the power to change our worlds, our environments and to be the best we possibly can, and by doing so making the world a better place for everyone else. My life's ambition is to leave this world in a better state (I know, big goal right, but I say 'go hard, or go home'!), and whilst doing that, I want to experience life, observe, learn, challenge myself and others to be better, love, laugh and do all I can. Now, don't worry, I'm not going to add a load of inspirational quotes, there's a time and a place for those and this blog isn't it, I just want to share with you why I'm doing this and where it's all come from.

At the end of 2019, I realised my passion lay in working with people and supporting them to better themselves. Whether that's helping someone overcome an issue they're facing, chewing the fat over a cuppa and asking the right questions to coach someone through an idea they have, or providing advice and actively listening. Both in and out of my work, I was finding myself ever increasingly leaning towards becoming a life coach.

In 2018, I became a marathon runner. I want to be honest and open with you throughout all of this, so it's fair to say that I was not healthy. I had run a half marathon before and a couple of 10k races, but marathon running is a different kettle of fish. You're whole life becomes about fueling yourself, recovering, sleeping, and that's before you factor in the short runs, the speed runs, the long runs, the hill runs, the stretching and the weight training. You might ask, 'why did you do that?' at this point, and you'd be right to do so! Well, a couple of years previously a friend of mine had passed away and he left one simple message and instruction that resonated with me - better never stops and to live! Experience life and all it has to offer, push yourself and see what you can do. That's where I began taking on challenges, pushing myself and making plans whilst also ensuring there were plenty of opportunities to be spontaneous. In that year, I climbed mountains, went to festivals, travelled to new countries and started moving my body.

Now, if you know me, you will know that I LOVE food. I love everything about it. I love meal planning what I'll eat and getting excited about it, I love looking through recipe books and writing my shopping lists around what I find, I love cooking food, I love eating food, and more than anything I LOVE sharing food!! My idea of a perfect night is good food, close friends and a great bottle of wine. Mindfully eating to fuel my body, support my mind and ensuring that the process of doing so is healthy, nutritious and filled with love, brings me so much happiness. It grounds me in the same way that a long walk in the woods do, or swimming in the sea.

Why am I telling you this? In order for you to know what I'm now pulling together you have to see why it's important to me and where it fits.

In 2020, I've trained as a Nutritional Advisor learning about the importance of food on our health, how micro and macro nutrients support our mental health as much as our physical health, and how to offer advise and guidance to those seeking to improve their health, fuel their bodies and empower people to make choices that make sustainable changes in their lives. Heads up - there will be NO fad diets here, as I can now talk with authority and tell you that they do not work!

As well as training to be a Nutritional Advisor, I'm starting to take my role as a mentor and coach seriously, and later this year I will be qualifying as a Life Coach.

Together, I will be providing a holistic service of support round your health and well-being. Bringing nutritional advice together with life coaching, offering sessions outside where the great outdoors can benefit your mindfulness, encouraging you to move, breath and think. I'll help you identify goals you want to set and create tailored packages to work towards them in a supportive manner. I'll be creating opportunities to get creative which in turn will support your resilience. Oh, and there will be food my friend, expect lots of food!

At the moment, I am at the start of this journey and I'm brimming with ideas of where to go with it and what to do. Right now, I'm thinking that I will focus on supporting females and working with other women to big them up, support them and empower them, bringing some time and clarity into their lives helping improve their lifestyles and achieve their goals. I'm keen to work with those who also work in the charitable sector, who experience 'burn-out' like you'd never believe. I want to provide space and time (with good food of course) to create networks and support.

Right now, I want to gain even more experience and start creating my community. I've set up my Instagram feed ( and begun this blog. What I would really like though is to have some guinea pig's who'd like to work with me, free of charge, and provide them with nutritional plans and mentoring support. Ideally, I'm looking for 5 females (regardless of age, weight, background and race) who are at a point in their lives where they could do with some time to breath, focus, and who are looking to make changes however big or small. This will only work if the person in question is interested and open to support and advice. Fancy it? Drop me an email at

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